You can find us in this location: piazzetta Giuseppe Lillo 1a, 73100 Lecce

The neighbourhood

Piazzetta Lillo is a quiet and silent place, located at a strategic point, within a few minutes walking distance from the train station and easily accessible from the passages through the walls. Only a few steps away from all the places of historical and cultural interest, nightlife-based attractions as well.
The most central position makes it possible for the guests to walk while taking in the sights of the entire city.
Free parking is possible in the spaces next to the lodging, otherwise in piazzetta Lillo by getting a temporary permission for the ZTL (zona a traffico limitato = limited traffic zone) of the Old Town, subject to communication of the number plate to the owners.

Close to us

627 meters

Train Station

301 meters

Must Museum

602 meters

Carlo V Castle

438 meters

Roman Amphitheater

651 meters

Basilica Santa Croce

409 meters

Saint Irene's Church

341 meters

Cathedral of Lecce

301 meters

Santa Chiara's Church

265 meters

Roman Theater

498 meters

Saint Oronzo's Square

265 meters

Sigismondo Castromediano - Provincial Museum

297 meters